Equine / Horse Cremation, Northern Ireland

Equine / horse cremation - an option at last - horse owners in Northern Ireland, and indeed throughout Ireland, finally have an alternative option if they find themselves in the unfortunate position of their equine friend passing away.

We are very proud to be Ireland's first equine crematorium and with a wealth of experience, we are well known throughout Ireland and the wider horse community.

Equine Crematorium CasketUp until now, the options open to horse owners have been very limited, with burial not an option for anyone who doesn't own their own land, even if the horse was their pet. Many horse lovers do not relish the thought of having their beloved deceased equine winched onto a lorry and removed to the knacker's yard or the 'burn house'... but now Glenvine has changed all that......

We initially set up Glenvine Pet Crematorium for small animals and have been licensed to cremate equines as well. We are the FIRST  equine crematorium  available for Ireland (North and South).  My wife Lynsey works part-time in a veterinary surgery and, over a period of time, noted how emotionally attached clients were to their pets and how upsetting it was for them when their pet passed away.

Many clients were not in a position to be able to bury their pets, so they chose to have them cremated instead. Being an animal lover, Lynsey recognised the need for people to be treated with respect and dignity following the loss of their pet - as for many, it was just like losing a member of their family.  Lynsey and myself decided to look into setting up our own pet crematorium outside Randalstown and thus, after going through all the necessary procedures with DARD (meeting all the legal requirements and being granted the appropriate license) Glenvine Pet Crematorium was opened in January 2009.

At present we provide a service for vets which reaches from Castlewellan and Limavady to the South of Ireland.  We are a family run business and pride ourselves on providing that extra personal touch. Glenvine puts great emphasis on customer service; we have a bereavement room where owners can bring their pet to say their last goodbye (this is only available for small animals).  We also have a great selection of caskets and scatter pouches for clients to choose from, as well as a pet bereavement service.

Equine Crematorium CaseWe quickly realised that there was a gap in the market for a facility to cremate equines; we did a lot of research into the facilities available to horse owners on the mainland and found out what we would need to do to provide a similar service to those in Ireland (North and South). We purchased a cremation plant large enough to accommodate equines and have gone through the procedures to be granted the appropriate license. We also had a trailer purpose-built for collecting horses or ponies - with the aim of being dignified and respectful to the deceased animal and its owners.

Glenvine Pet and Equine Crematorium Ltd is now in its 7th year of business.  Lynsey and myself will be on call and offer a out of hours service if required.  Glenvine offers a collection service from anywhere in Ireland (prices will vary according to location).

Each animal is allocated an individual tracker number and Glenvine guarantees that your own equine's ashes will be returned to you. Ashes are ready for collection / delivery in a timely fashion which we think is very important. All individual cremations, will be supplied in a beautiful crafted casket with a brass name plate and a certificate of cremation.