Andy Richards

June 2021

A big Thank you to Glenvine Pet & Equine Crematorium for how they cared for my Little Buddy who sadly was put to sleep after he was diagnosed with an aggressive tumour. They were very professional and respectful. I was pleased with the service I received. Thank you so much for everything made my loss of buddy that Little easer. And they were very quick at returning Buddy’s ashes to me.

Alfie Mccrory

May 2021

I would like to thank you for looking after my daughters pony Katie. It was very emotional for my whole family when she lost her pony. I would like to thank you on behalf of my family and for the beautiful casket sitting proudly in our living room. My daughters thought the casket was so fitting for Katie. Thank you so much.

The McCrorys

May 2021

Thank you Denver for the amazing service we received this past week when we lost our Katie girl. To hear from the girls at the yard how respectful you were with her made things so much easier. When we collected the chest from Robert we were totally blown away....it’s exactly what she deserved to have. We are so glad to have her home with us. We are heartbroken but I hope having her here with us makes it easier for our daughter especially. Thank you so much for looking after our forever pony x

Danni Fleming

May 2021

Today I brought my beautiful big boy home where he will be with me forever. I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Denver who came and collected swift very respectfully and with dignity. It brought so much comfort knowing how everything was handled and I knew the moment he left my yard he would be taken care of which I was assured of. I could not bring myself to have had him sent away. He was my best friend and he deserved a lot more than that. He now has his own special place in the living room in his beautiful casket. I cannot recommend glenvine enough. I will definitely be using them again... hopefully not for a very very long time.

Denver and Lynsey you should be very proud. You’ve made a hard time that much easier.

Thank you so much.

Linda, Derek Lynn

May 2021

I would like to thank you for way Mason was returned to us . The beautiful casket and lovely card and prayers means so much he was cared for on his last journey . Thank you

Mish Collins

April 2021

Just want to thank Denver and team for the fantastic service when I lost my 30 year old horse Rosco. Cannot fault the service at all, so respectful and professional. Thank you.

Elaine Davidson

April 2021

I lost my precious oldie Kyla and life has just not been the same since. I took Kyla to Glenvine myself after leaving the vets and was able to spend some time saying goodbye. Would definitely recommend Glenvine as they handle a very upsetting time for owners with such sensitivity and kindness.

Marie-Anne McNeill

March 2021

Today I got my wee Tipsy home. She was almost 15 and loved from her joining our family. Her wee casket is beautiful and the wee prayers and acknowledgement sent by you hasn't gone un-noticed. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

Petula Long

March 2021

Thank you so much for the beautiful casket in which my amazing wee dog "BONKERS",is now in. We are so glad to have him home with us again .Your pet prayer is beautiful and so true. We will miss our wee man so much but it is so comforting to know he is still here in spirit. Thank You so much x

Fionnuala Devlin

February 2021

I would like to thank Glenvine very much for the personal service given to us & my Niko after his sudden death on Friday. Niko was taken & placed in their bereavement room & treated with the true respect he deserved. He was my wee companion for over 10 years & sorely missed by me & his best friend, my dog Lola. Thank you to Robert & Glenvine for making the most difficult situations a little easier.

Sophie Kavanagh

February 2021

I will never be able to thank Glenvine enough for the respect and care they provided my beautiful horse Bull with. He was my whole world. When I lost not only did I lose my horse but I lost my best friend, my confidante and my therapy both physically and mentally. I've had no bond even come close with another (human or animal.) The way horses are normally handled after death is disgraceful and with everything Bull gave me over our years together, always keeping me safe, he deserved the best and it hurts a little less knowing he truly received the best. He was handled with dignity and the respect he deserved so thank you both. Glenvine understood how important Bull was after only hearing a percentage of how amazing he was and how he was so deeply loved.

Liam Thompson

February 2021

Massive Thankyou for respectfully getting our wee Paris home to us. 4 years just wasn’t long enough but her time come and I cannot thank you all enough at Glenvine for treat us as a family with the upmost respect and dignity.

The wee prays and poems that she was sent back with was absolutely amazing and certainly touched our hearts.

Once again, Thankyou so much Denver, Lynsey and the team! Xx

Lauren Fitzgerald

January 2021

Just got Marley’s ashes returned to me today. Thank you so much Glenvine Pet and Equine crematorium for everything you have done. The added prayers were so thoughtful and it means so much at this hard time. I am so glad and thankful to have him back home with me. 13.5 years just wasn’t long enough but I know he’s at peace now.

Kieran Doherty

January 2021

Just received my wee Belle home yesterday. I was very touched by the care and consideration given and found the message very touching. Thank you for the care and consideration given to Belle it was greatly appreciated.

Alison Vance

January 2021

On behalf of myself and family I just wanted to say a Big big heartfelt thankyou for the beautiful pets prayer cards sent along with our sweet little dog (Bailey).